John S. Conway

     Professor of Physics
     University of California, Davis






recent talks

Search for the Higgs Beyond the Standard Model at the Tevatron and the LHC
Aspen Particle Physics Conference, Aspen, January 2007

Experiments at the LHC
Theoretical Advanced Study Institute, Boulder, June 2006

What CDF Can Say About the Higgs
SUSY 04, Tsukuba, Japan, June 2004

The Tevatron and the Higgs
LHC Advanced Study Institute, Prague, July 2003

The Search for the Higgs at the Tevatron
Mexican Physical Society, Zacatecas, November 2001

Higgs Decaying to Ditaus in Run 2
Mexican Physical Society, Zacatecas, November 2001

Search for New Particles at Hadron Colliders
ICHEP Plenary talk, Osaka, August 2000

Search for the Higgs at the Tevatron
CERN LHCC Meeting, July 2000

conference and workshop organization

SUSY 2006 Beond the Standard Model Parallel Session
Waikiki, October 2006

Linear Collider ILC-LHC Group
Snowmass, August 2005

SUSY 2004 Higgs/SUSY Particles Parallel Session
Tsukuba, Japan, June 2004

Chair, Fermilab Annual Users' Meeting
Batavia, Illinois, June 2003

SUSY 2003 Experimental Parallel Session
Tucson, Arizona, June 2003

SUSY 2002 Experimental Parallel Session
Hamburg, Germany, June 2002

Weak Interactions and Neutrinos 2002 Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Parallel Session
Christchurch, New Zealand, January 2002

Snowmass 2001 Precision Higgs Parallel Session Convener
Snowmass, Colorado, July 2001

Tevatron Run 2 SUSY/Higgs Workshop Higgs Working Group Convener
Fermilab, March-November 1998