If you detect a problem with PGS please do not hesitate to contact John Conway by email. He will continue to support this code until such time as this web page is gone!

If you have trouble getting PGS 4 going on your machine, likewise do not hesiste to contact John Conway, who has made just about every possible mistake with PGS 4 already at some point.

Contributions to the development of PGS are more than welcome! There are numerous issues one might address, including

  • adding lateral shower development (spreading e.m. and hadronic showers across cells
  • adding a simulation of a secondary vertex trigger for b anc c jets

PGS version 3 is no longer supported...time to upgrade! However, for history buffs, Luddites, and the like, here is a link to the old PGS 3 page.

John Conway, Univ. of California, Davis
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